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Our Birmingham Office Provides Advanced Sedation Dentistry Options For All Patients

Welcome to Koch Aesthetic Dentistry!

Committed to Creating Beautiful Birmingham Alabama Smiles

Our patients love the individual attention and care they receive at our practice near Mountain Brook and we’re confident you will too! We have taken serious steps to make sure we offer the highest quality dental care available as well as make our practice the most comfortable and relaxing as possible because we understand how intensely afraid of the dentist many who have not visited our practice are.

Being afraid of the dentist is not uncommon. Many put off visiting the dentist for years or decades even though they are in dire need of dental attention. Even simple dental appointments to our office near Mountain Brook are delayed or even canceled just because they are anxious and cannot feel comfortable around the sights and sounds of a traditional dental office.


If you are one of these people, consider visiting sedation dentist Dr. Paul Koch. Sedation dentistry offers a way for you to overcome being afraid of the dentist so you can receive much-needed dental care. Say farewell to the days of discomfort and nervousness.


Sedation dentist Dr. Paul Koch offers two main sedation dentistry options. The first is laughing gas. The other is referred to as oral conscious sedation – sedation dentist Dr. Paul Koch will administer a sedation pill called Triazolam. Both sedation dentistry options alleviate dental anxiety and help you feel tranquil for the duration of your appointments.


While we provide sedation dentistry services for any who may need it, we highly advise it for people who experience one or a combination of the following:

  • Afraid of the dentist
  • Bad experience with a
  • dentist
  • Experience discomfort in the dental office or with dental instruments
  • Restlessness due to sitting in one place for an extended period of time
  • Exceptionally sensitive teeth
  • Weak gag reflex
  • Fear of needles

Be Afraid of the Dentist No Longer in Birmingham!

If you need dental care but are afraid of the dentist, call our sedation dentist serving the Mountain Brook and Birmingham communities and schedule your first appointment. You can even just come meet Dr. Paul Koch to get to know him and determine if you are comfortable with our services and sedation dentistry options.


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