How Does Dental Sedation Work?

Oral Sedation Will Relax Dental Worries In Birmingham PatientsUnderstandably, some people in the Birmingham and Mountain Brook area have concerns when they first learn about sedation dentistry. For some, it may just seem too good to be true! You may be asking right now – “Is oral sedation safe?”, “Is laughing gas safe?” or “Are there side effects?” We’ll try to answer these questions for you and put you at ease concerning pain free dentistry (sedation dentistry).


Oral sedation dentistry, in most cases, will involve the administration of an oral sedation pill. The oral sedation pill can be administered at home prior to treatment or when you’re actually in our office. Once you have fully relaxed in the dental chair, Dr. Koch will begin taking care of your dental needs. Oral sedation is popular among our patients in Birmingham due to how effectively it calms them. Don’t worry! Oral sedation is completely safe and has no side effects other than the drowsiness the pill is intended to produce.

The other common method of sedation dentistry is laughing gas. The laughing gas is administered through a face mask that is placed over the patient’s mouth and nose. Laughing gas is also safe and is often utilized in pain free dentistry.


Be Worry Free With Pain Free Dentistry In Mountain BrookNo matter the level of dental phobia or anxiety that a patient may have, dental sedation is a method that can provide a comfortable and relaxing experience. This comfortable experience is often referred to as pain free dentistry. The sedative will provide enough comfort to help you receive the care you need, and some even enjoy their treatment! Pain free dentistry may even help eliminate your anxiety on future visits to our office.

Get the Closest Thing to Pain Free Dentistry in Birmingham!

If you need to visit the dentist, live in the Mountain Brook and Birmingham area and are hopeful pain free dentistry can help you get the care you need, don’t delay. Sedation dentistry has changed lives! Call and schedule a visit today to take the first step toward optimal oral health.